Board of Directors and Staff

Pierre Wallinder - President of the Board of Directors 
Pierre has over thirty years of business experience, as owner and founder of several successful start-up companies, both in manufacturing and trading. Born in Sweden, having also lived in Poland for many years, he has extensive travel and cultural experiences. Since moving to Western New York 1999, Pierre has been a full time Commercial Realtor for over five years, and a USCG licensed Captain and an ASA Instructor since 2006. With a strong passion and dedication for a sustainable and healthy green living, it is his goal to collaborate with as many organizations and individuals as possible, so we will bring Buffalo into the 21st Century, with new technology, new habits and new jobs.

Vice President - Marco Martinez Guerrero

Treasurer - Petter Turnquist

Attorney - Joseph G. Makowski Esq.

Executive Director and Manager of Heritage, Art and Preservation Artifacts - Laurianne Griffis

Director of Eduction, Health & Wellness - Annie Levay-Krause

Secretary - Clare Petty

Events Planner - Therese Forton Barnes
Ms. Forton-Barnes, the founder of Carvings For A Cause, currently operates Events to a Tee, her own event planning business, and authors children’s books about her beloved dogs. See Zaki and Venus Adventure Books.
Jaime Brawdy- Events Planner
Jaime is the Event Coordinator at the Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village and also is a local artist. Jaime has worked many different events including public and private fundraising, and is dedicated to her local community and its art, music, food, business and organizations.

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