Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Want to bid on our basket and help out a worthy cause?

Living Green Institute, Sail Buffalo, and SOLE of Buffalo offers this for bid at Planet Tapestry: Full Circle's auction, a $420 value.

  • 11th Hour by Leonardo diCaprio
  • Gift certificate from SOLE of Buffalo for catered meal for two with wine pairing
  • Gift certificate from Sail Buffalo for family of five for 2.5 hours
  • Locust Bean Tree Carved Wood Bowl from Carvings For A Cause in a Life is Good bag
  • Set of 5 environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Hand Woven Grapevine Basket from Ellicottville, NY

Join us for Tapestry's most important fundraising event for the whole school year: Planet Tapestry: Full Circle! Saturday night April 28, 2012 beginning at 6:30 p.m. Food, beverages, basket raffles, auction items, live band, and a DJ, a Wine Wall, dancing and a video celebration of the charter school!


Tapestry was pleased to inform us that our basket was one of the higher selling auction pieces, bringing in over $300! They are also interested in working with us on future Health and Wellness related events, which is fantastic as it's our mission to create learning moments focused on nutrition, health, wellness, and projects of that same vein.

Our 1st fundraiser is this Friday, April 27, 2012 6 to 10pm

Welcome to The Living Green Institute of Buffalo

Since January of this year, the concept of what is now The Living Green Institute has gone through a number of growth spurts. Moving through it's adolescence has been an eye opening experience. As anyone who has run or worked in a non-for-profit knows, your first vision becomes a mere thread in the organization's fabric. This was the case when I first met with Pierre Wallinder who approached me with the idea of starting something that involved the Buffalo Marina, his business Sail Buffalo, my years as an educator and food advocate and blogger, and the knowledge that the City of Buffalo is on the edge of something amazing with all of the burgeoning "Green" projects being developed here in WNY.

The first round of visioning took us through many pages of ideas that can still be implemented in the future; but what we are starting out with is a tight, well conceived intellection of three branches. Since January we have connected with a number of imaginative and passionate people from all kinds of backgrounds, creating a nexus of inspiration that steered the process rather than overwhelming it.

Our first branch is Nutrition, Health and Wellness. This branch will offer up opportunities to engage in gardening, food preparation, nutrition development and physical wellness. The second branch covers a larger area of Education, Preservation, Environmental Stewardship, Art & Heritage Advocacy. Here we will work with children and adults in full immersion classes on recycling, composting, upcycling, implementing environmentally friendly practices in our daily lives, interaction with local historical preservation groups (particularly those near the Erie Basin Marina and including boats like Mr. Wallinder's Clara Brown), and with the Carvings For A Cause's art and green connections to our parks with the re-treeing efforts currently underway in Buffalo. The third branch is an opportunity to work with Sail Buffalo in the creation and implementation of a Junior Sailing Camp. This camp would run for eight weeks in the summer and incorporate the first two branches into a number of engaged learning activities. It will also operate during the school year working with after school groups and conducting a series of presentations at local schools, particularly schools that use fieldwork and service learning as part of their curriculum. The Living Green Institute will also run a number of side projects with their partners to showcase Buffalo's natural beauty.

As we take these first steps towards offering unique programming, please consider partnering with us to present your students, children and yourselves with the opportunity to work on skills that are sure to enrich your life. It is out of these moments that one develops an admirable character and strengthens their personal integrity. These are the foundations of an extraordinary life!

Annie Levay-Krause
Director of Expeditionary Learn, Nutrition, Health & Wellness